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A Team Approach
Tidewater Hospice team members are specially trained in managing symptoms, controlling pain, and caring for psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our teams work with the patient, family, and the patient's primary physician to establish the plan of care.

The Patient and Family
The patient and family always have the last word. The Tidewater Hospice team's job is to provide information and support so that they have the resources to accomplish their goals. Understanding that the family's care extends beyond the death of the patient, team members also provide bereavement support for some time after the death.

The Patient's Personal Physician
The patient's personal physician directs the day to day medical management of the patient. Team members regularly consult with the physician and also act as liaisons between the patient and family and the physician to develop and implement the plan of care.

The Medical Director
The Tidewater Hospice Medical Director is available to work with the patient, family, and the patient's primary physician and other team members to develop and provide ongoing support, including consultation for pain and symptom management. He also serves as a liaison and educator to the rest of the medical community in support of Hospice services.

Nurses comfort patients and provide professional care to manage symptoms and ease pain. They are specialists in current techniques that help patients stay as alert and comfortable as possible. Nurses also prepare and educate the patient's family and caregivers on how to better assist the patient through this challenging time.

Social Workers 
Social workers understand the special needs and feelings of families who face an illness. They help patients and loved ones cope with social, emotional, and financial stresses. In addition, they are qualified to help our patients maximize social and support programs in our community.

Care Aides
Care Aides provide skilled, gentle assistance with bathing, skin care, personal grooming and other services needed to keep the patient comfortable.

Upon request, chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual counseling to the patient and family members. The chaplain is also available to collaborate with the patientís minister, priest, rabbi, or other spiritual representative.

Volunteers are an integral part of Tidewater Hospice. Each volunteer brings unique interests, skills and experience to the mission of the organization. Some volunteers work closely with the patient and family offering companionship and respite. Other volunteers provide clerical support or assist with fundraising projects and special events.